the 2w2 project

The 2w2 Project

Tagging history with a <where> and a <when>

The 2w2 Project brings people and history closer together by sponsoring digital humanities research into: metadata interoperability, space-time tagging, programming interfaces, data visualizations, and historical sandboxes.

About the Project

We believe students, teachers, researchers and enthusiasts should be able to easily share and retrieve vast listings of publicly available historical information, from different perspectives and in different display formats. If someone wants to see a mapping of 18th century diary entries cross referenced with a collection of international news headlines and regional weather reports, that should be as easy as dining at a buffet. They grab a plate, fill it with various samplings of history, organize and then ingest those histories using the utensils at hand.

The 2w2 project supports this by conducting research into:

  • A space-time metadata model for TEI-XML documents (the plate)
  • Tools and applications that allow historical documents to be more interoperable (the utensils)
  • A history sandbox where users and developers can test applications against similarly encoded TEI space-time data sets (the buffet)

Space-Time Metadata

In order to be compatible with the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) we developed a custom TEI element that is easy to implement, human readable, compatible, and open source.

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Tools and Applications

Apitext is a RESTful Application Programing Interface (API) for TEI-XML documents. It provides better interoperability and is easy to use by audiences with non technical backgrounds.

MARVaN is a data visualization project that combines illustration, graphic design, and user experience to better represent space-time metadata on the two dimensional plane.

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History Sandbox

The goal of the John Slocum War Diaries Project is to make historical first person accounts interoperable with a diverse body of data sets from other organizations and disciplines.

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For more information about the 2w2 project, please contact Chris Sumption.