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It takes work to share digital humanities research. Just displaying the contents of a TEI-XML file might require programming or design experience. This page is a compilation of 2w2 research dedicated to addressing that and other challenges related to the display of historical metadata.


Metadata Artistic Representations in Visualizations and Narratives (MARVaN) is a data visualization project that takes traditional illustration, graphic design, and user experience techniques and applies them to the display of space-time metadata sets. Through use of light, color and opacity, it explores the question of how do you represent space-time events in two dimensions. Currently the project has created the following experimental map visualization.

These events are police and fire department 911 calls for the Eastlake neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. This view tries to imagine historical events as rain drops falling in a puddle of water. The age of the event is shown by the size and opacity of its circle. Color reflects the type of event, blue for police, orange for fire.


Apitext is a RESTful Application Programing Interface (API) for TEI-XML documents.

The goal of this student project was to build a prototype API for TEI-XML documents that provides greater interoperability while at the same time is easy to use by an audience with backgrounds in the humanities, social sciences, and linguistics. Currently, it has produced an API that, once uploaded to a directory containing TEI-XML files, can return multiple views of that file using a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) as its query method.

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